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What is inspection?
Inspection and overhaul are a set of activities that are legally required and/or mandated by internal corporate policies. Inspection concerns compliance with rules defined by the law or other regulations.

What is overhaul?
Overhaul is specific verification of the function of technical equipment subject to overhauling.

What is overhaul of dedicated technical equipment?
These are mandatory periodical checks (overhauls and tests) of all operated technical equipment, which are stipulated by law and associated decrees for:

  • Lifting equipment
  • Pressure equipment
  • Gas equipment
  • Electric equipment

How does inspection fit in the Reliable Operational Safety?
URS Inspection together with other companies within the URS Holdings is part of the Reliable Operational Safety concept. Correctly performed inspection and overhaul activity, for example, has a great impact on potential insurance claim adjustment. Documenting proper inspection and overhaul checks are one of the first things that insurance companies request. If this fails, the insurance company curtails the insurance payout.

Correct insurance is also very important and included in the Reliable Operational Safety concept. The URS Holdings offers insurance through its broker company. More information is available at www.gri-insurance.com.

Does the inspection body assume any liability?
URS Inspection always assumes full contractual liability, clearly specified for technical, organisational and economically effective provision of care regarding OHS, fire protection, environment and technical inspection (overhauls and tests) of operated equipment. It has insurance for such liability.

What is accreditation?
Accreditation is the recognition of an inspection body by the appropriate authorities (known as accreditation bodies) to perform inspections and overhauls.

Every country has its own regulated accreditation body. These bodies issue accreditations to inspection bodies such as URS. Accreditation is achieved by demonstrating prescribed controls and systems are in place. These requirements are defined by international standards (for inspection this is ISO 17020).

The world’s first Accreditation Body was in the United Kingdom and a logically named the United Kingdom Accreditation Service and more commonly referred to as UKAS. As the radle of standardisation, certificates issued with the UKAS accreditation mark are the most prestigious and recognised all over the world.  UKAS´ enviable reputation is no doubt partly due to the rigorous verification of compliance of certification and inspection bodies. URS Inspection is accredited body by UKAS. 

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