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All technical equipment that is put into operation must comply with related laws and requirements concerning its proper functioning.

Inspection defines technical equipment requirements to ensure compliance with regulations and legislation.

All technical documentation must correspond with appropriate EU Directives or Regulations; otherwise the relevant authorities will not permit the equipment to be used and may impose a fine. However, the real benefit of inspection is prevention; the main goal being to examine and reveal potential hidden weaknesses in the functioning of technical equipment by identifying risks and threats.

Inspection is followed by an audit to ensure the reliability of processes. This is often mandatory and covered by EU Regulations and Directives.

The most common types of equipment requiring inspection include:

  • Electrical equipment
  • Lifting and hoisting equipment
  • Process machinery
  • Electrical installations and equipment
  • Agricultural parts, pipes, seamless pipes, squares, twisted rods, pipe fittings, metal/non-metal piping (PVC, HDPE), farm machines, drive chains, compressors, pumps and pump sets, hot-rolled saw disks, diesel engines, welding flanges, heat exchangers, springs, lined containers, rubber belts, tyres, scaffolding, trucks and drive units, tanks, pipes, wires, valves and many others.
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