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Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC)

These services include the provision of independent supervision during the implementation of a project; ensuring compliance with defined quality objectives and inspecting delivered services. Typical QA and QC projects may include:

  • Supervision over the construction of a new plant
  • Audit of suppliers on all levels over the entire project lifecycle. This can be during the construction of a new factory, a particular part of the project or over the full implementation of the project, from beginning to end.

Production and delivery

Production and Delivery includes activities inspected by a third party in order to ensure independence of inspections against appropriate standards, regulations, or client specifications.

  • Preparation of materials
  • Inspection of delivered supplies upon their receipt outside or within the buyer’s premises to verify goods, compliance with previously delivered samples and pre-defined quality levels
  • Check of overall appearance of the shipment or package
  • Verification of the number of packages and the markings on them
  • Check of handling and loading methods during loading and unloading
  • Check of the load’s placement, attachment and wedging on a vehicle
  • Inspection of all necessary documents ( technical documentation, attests and certificates)
  • Product certification - described in more detail on our CE product website.
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